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Bienvenue!  Sassy Tarts is a small, family operated bakery in Englewood.  Food is in our blood and a family legacy…from my parents’ first restaurant in the south of France, to my older brothers’ epicurean journey around the world, growing up instilled a deep love of baking, a love that my husband and I hope to pass on to our son Nicolas!  Food is a common thread through our lives and something that we love to share.  We feed people, be it friends at our table or customers in our shop.  Through our bakery we want people to partake in our passion for flavors, family get togethers and the joy of eating good food. We believe in fresh, simple ingredients with a touch of tradition and a sprinkle of whimsy…baked fresh everyday, our selection of goodies changes regularly and oftentimes thanks to customer requests!

Every new holiday brings unique recipes that are only available seasonally, a sparkle of celebration from us to you so come visit us soon and let us entice you to try a little something new!


Made with love and creative flair all of our cupcakes are freshly baked and bursting with flavor!


Our custom cupcakes all hide a delicious center treat to titillate your taste buds and delight your senses! Flavors vary with the seasons.


We could easily be called a Pie-ery or a tart-ery…after all, that is what we specialize in! Sweet or tart; fruity or chocolatey; dense or light as air…round in shape, tempting in smell, golden crust and bursting with flavor!
What’s the difference between a pie and a tart you ask?!?!
pie is a deep dish full of sweet deliciousness…a tart is a shallow confection of sweet bliss!


A mix of where we came from and where we now are…French and American traditions come together to offer a variety of yummy treats.  From all butter croissants to flaky danishes to tasty muffins we pride ourselves in freshly baked products and new daily selections! Our products are made with simple ingredients: butter, flour, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, cream, Belgian chocolate, fruit, butter…did I mention butter?? A pastry is only ever as good as the sum of all of it’s ingredients and we love a good pastry!


Two different crusts combine to bring you a delicious treat!  A “Pate Brisee” on the bottom and a flaky, multi layered puff pastry dough on top lovingly enfold homemade fillings to bring you a scrumptious savory concoction.
We make our pot pie fillings every day using only the freshest ingredients mixed with a little bit of love!  Our chicken pot pies feature only white meat chicken, fresh vegetables and homemade bechamel…along side our less traditional flavors like Chicken Marsala or Beef Burgundy.  Come experience our unique take on pot pies and spread the joy by taking one home.


Light and airy, our quiches are fluffy confections that melt in your mouth.  Swiss cheese and a hint of nutmeg embolden and enhance the delicious flavors that we mix into every freshly baked morsel.  From Cheddar & Broccoli to Spinach & Feta, we offer at least 5 different kinds every day!


A variety of crusty breads are baked fresh every day!  A little something to soothe the hungry soul…a perfect addition to every meal, we have hearty Italian loaves; wholegrain goodness; and more complex flavors like our 2 olive and herb loaf.

If you have scrolled this far down, we want to thank you for your interest and hope to see you in our small corner of the world!